Интерес к дистрибьюторам ЭК из ЮВА вырос многократно. И это объяснимо. Но системной информации по ним очень мало, хотя рассылку с предложениями от различных поставщиков из ЮВА E-mail приносит регулярно.
Портал Source Today в конце агуста 2022 года представил 2022 Top-30 Asia Pacific Distributors List с не очень понятным критерием отбора. Основные азиатские дистрибьюторы, из числа глобальных, здесь отсутствуют. Но, тем не менее, рейтинг информативный и в табличной форме приводится ниже. В основном представлены дистрибьюторы Китая, но есть и несколько из Сингапура и Ю.Кореи.
дистрибьютор оборот @ 2021 штат о компании
China ICEASY ELECTRONICS [1984] $6B* 1400+* iCEasy, which is completely owned by CECport (also called CEAC) - China's largest electronic components distributor, was founded in 2018. iCEasy distributes over 55, 000, 000 SKUs ranging from semiconductors, open-source hardware, modules and other electronic components, providing one-stop BOM ordering, online purchasing service for our customers. Equipped with 150,000 square meters’ warehouse and 2,000,000,000 stock reserve, iCEasy dedicates to provide state-of-the-art distribution operations and convenient shopping experience for our customers worldwide. Besides, iCEasy also provides multimedia marketing and big data analysis & application service, expanding mass market for manufacturers.
China SHENZHEN SHENGYU ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY [2008] $1,3B 500+ Headquartered in HuaQiangBei,Shenzhen,China, Shenyu is one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in the world. Founded in 2008, Shengyu was a pioneer in the mail-order catalog business and a key resource for design engineers. Today Shenyu offers large amount of electronic components in stock and available for immediate shipment.
China WIN SOURCE [1999] $389M* 210+* All operations at WIN SOURCE are AS9120B ,ISO9001& ISO14001& ISO45001 certified, including order entry, customer service, receiving, picking, shipping, purchasing and inventory. As a member of ERAI( an authorize anti-counterfeiting organization) & ASA association & IPC association & SMTA association, we always adhere to the excellent quality of electronic components, put an end to all fake and shoddy products.
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$302M* 95* ISO 9001 certificated, Sigma Technology is a global leading distributor of electronic component with both independent and franchised lines. With service and logistics centers in USA, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong and China, Sigma Technology is specialized in providing one-stop supply chain solutions to customers (OEM/EMS/ODM/OBM) in the fields of telecommunications, medical devices, industrial control, automotive, aviation, military, power supply and consumer electronics etc.
China THJ(HK) TECHNOLOGY [2008] $88M* 30* THJ(HK) Technology Limited focuses on creating personalized programs to meet the specific needs of our customer.We built its reputation and its business on providing the superior service and be one-stop BOM service and support that exceeds customers’ expectations. Specialization in all kinds of electronic components: IC (Integrated Circuits), diodes & transistors, MLCC capacitors,tantalum capacitors, inductors, capacitors and resistors (widely used in telecommunications, automotive electronics, computer, military, civil and other electronic industries etc.)
China CYTECH SYSTEMS [2010] $80M* 132* Cytech Systems Limited is a leading independent distributor of electronic components. We are committed to provide customers with instant, reliable and high-value supply chain solutions. Focus on independent distribution of analog manufacturer of European and American brands. Core value: PPV and Shortage support
Singapore EVER LIGHT [2010] $62M* 150* We are a global distributor of high quality active & passive components, also supplying connectors & modules with wide applications in many fields.We also located hard to find, obsolete and discontinued intergrated circuit parts.Our business solidated in Europe & USA and we are keeping a good long-term business relationships with all our customers and always impressed them by our good quality, fast delivery and services.We are always expanding our business more all over the world with branches office also.
China HEISENER ELECTRONICS [2004] $60M* 100* Heisener Electronic is a famous international One Stop Purchasing Service Provider of Electronic Components. Based on the concept of Customer-orientation and Innovation, a good process control system, professional management team, advanced inventory management technology, we can provide one-stop electronic component supporting services that Heisener is the preferred partner for all the enterprises and research institutions.
Singapore SUPREME COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL [2001] $54M* 38* Supreme Components, fondly known as SCI, is a worldwide franchised distributor of hi-tech electronic components and LEDs. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been partnering with progressive high-technology electronic and LED enterprises to help them design and procure the best components, enabling them to build world-class electronic, lighting equipment and luminaries and IoT/AI systems. We do this by connecting our premier franchised network of more than 120 manufacturers spanning nearly 20 countries.
China KEHUITE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT [2004] $50M* 100+* To become the world’s leading independent distributor of electronic components, Kehuite offers a one-stop supply chain and support service. We help customers reduce their procurement cost, thus avoiding the risk of the procurement process, through our company’s strengths and quality procedures. Kehuite, established in 2004, is a professional distributor of electronic components. After 10 years’ accumulation, Kehuite has over 100,000 different types of electronic components in stock, worth in excess of 1 million USD. Based on a high sense of responsibility to our customers, the demands for the highest quality and a business model of mutual trust and benefit.
China HEQUING ELECTRONICS [2019] $36M* 55* The general manager of Heqing Electronics once served as the product manager of the TI line of Arrow in East China, integrating the experience, contacts and channels of the authorized agents in the previous period to create an independent global electronic components distribution company. Heqing Electronics is committed to improving the information sharing of all upstream channels to global customers.
China J&T ELECTRONICS [2019] $30M* 23* J&T ELECTRONICS LTD is a professional independent distributor of electronic components, the founder has more than 15 years experiences in the electronics industry. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, J&T has been developing rapidly since established in 2019, and has set up branch offices in Hongkong, Singapore and the USA.
China RX ELECTRONICS [2014] $30M* 30* Since 2004 we have been a valued business partner for a lot of IT Resellers, Manufacturers and Designers , working closely to facilitate the sale and deployment of software and hardware solutions throughout customer bases. In the last 18 years we have successfully transitioned our business to distribute an extended product portfolio, consisting of five core product areas, Integrated Circuits, Capacitor, Module, Diode and Connector.
China IC COMPONENTS LIMITED [2001] $15M* 30* IC-Components.com is IC Components Ltd supplier in HongKong, Since 2001, we have become home to one of the world's largest on-hand inventories. We are one of the fastest growing electronics components distributors. We have stable supply chains, 100% quality guarantee,competitive price, fast delivery and perfect after-sales service.
China LKR ELECTRONIC [2021] $15M* 54* Hong Kong LKR Electronics Co., Ltd is a distributor of electronic components,since its establishment, has been committed to the semiconductor and components of the agent and sales, improve the semiconductor and components supply and demand relationship. After years of accumulation, accumulated rich experience in marketing and sales operations.
China GLOBAL SOURCING OEM LIMITED [2003] $12,7M* 160* Global Sourcing OEM Limited is an independent distributor of electronics components distributor, our business range includes IC chips, semiconductors, memory chips, connectors, resistors, capacitors, modules, etc. All our products are guaranteed to be new and original.
Korea CH GLOBAL [2005] $10M* 25* Since its foundation in 2005, HC Global has grown steadily based on its global professional sourcing capabilities for electronic components for about 18 years, and is continuously researching and developing innovative and sustainable solutions and global distribution platforms based on future-oriented industrial components development and distribution.
China DGT TECHNOLOGY (HK) [1998] $10M* 105* DGT Technology (HK) Co., Limited was established in 1998, registered in Shenzhen and Hongkong in 2001 and 2005 respectively. It’s a professional electronic components distributor for many years. We specializes in various active components, Integrated Circuit ICs, Diodes, Relays, Capacitors, Fuses, Connectors, Resistors ,various unpopular and also stopped IC productions
China FINESTOCK [2015] $10M* 58* Since our inception in 2015, Finestock Electronics HK has continued to support the supply chains distributors and OEMs,ODMs companies worldwide. Our extensive Asia network of approved suppliers has allowed us to procure quality allocated, obsolete, and hard to find electronic parts at rock bottom prices.We provide board-level parts and hardware to commercial,medical, industrial, and defense/aerospace clients.
China XINGHUAN INTERNATIONAL [2015] $8,7M* 57* XingHuan International Trade Limited, a competitive electronics distributor in China,Our company mainly serves in the Automotive Electronics, Military Equipment, Space Engineering, Medical Equipment and other fields of customers, we also constantly develop the vast consumer market.
China ICSOLE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED [2016] $7,7M* 39* We, ICSOLE, are family run organization with over 20 years of active business in the electronics industry. Our core business is distribution of electronic components. We are a leading and competitive electronics distributor in Asia, also is an excellent strategic partner for EMS\OEM to quickly find authentic & traceable electronic components for purchasing.
China NEW STRENGTH ELECTRONIC [2002] $5M* 30*  
China CHUANGXINDA ELECTRONICS [2000] $4M* 40* Chuangxinda Electronics was founded in 2000, we have over 20 years on electronic components experience. We uphold the concept of honesty and pragmatism, and customer success, gradually established a good international goodwill and reputation. Chuangxinda has also passed the ISO19001 certification of TÜV.
China FAIRSTOCK [2013] $3,1M* 60* Fairstock is a leading distributor of obsolete electronic components on the market. We pride ourselves on our sourcing ability to supply hundreds of customers worldwide with electronic components and industrial devices. We have access to a wide variety of electronic inventory of active and passive components from a global network of wholesale electronic parts vendors and distributors.
China PHOSPHOR ELECTRONICS [2003] $3M* 30* Phosphor Electronics is one of the largest Electronic Components Distributor in China and HongKong with more than 18 year's experience in this field; Mainly deal with Integrated Circuits; Active Components; Passives; Power & Batteries; Connectors; Coils; Logic ICs; ASICs; Diodes; Sensors; Audio
China CHIPMH ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY [2007] $2M* 50* CHIPMH is a world-leading independent distributor of electronic components. Electronic components provided by us have been applied to fields of 3C products, smart products, automobiles, medical treatment, security and protection monitoring, industrial application and aviation, etc..
China ICSOSO ELECTRONICS [1998]   50* ICSOSO is a leading distributor of electronic components, focusing on providing one-stop supply chain services for OEM, ODM and EMS customers in communication, medical, industrial control,automotive electronics and other fields.ICSOSO is headquartered in Shenzhen and branched in Hong Kong and Shanghai. At present, it has served more than 20000 well-known customers, covering the whole life cycle of customer production projects with 99% accurate delivery rate.ICSOSO is certified with ISO19001 and ISO14001 by TÜV.
China GANG BO INDUSTRIAL [2007]     Leading online electronic components store - AS9120B, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and ERAI certified. Specializes in offering a wide range of obsolete and common-used electronic parts , also offers cost-effective alternative solutions.
China RONGLIANZING TECHNOLOGY [????]     Ronglianxing (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd is a mixed distributor of electronic components distributing a variety of international electronic component brands, the company's headquarters is located in Shenzhen, China, Hong Kong, India have branches, with Hong Kong and Shenzhen warehouses, spot inventory of ten million kinds, to ensure timely delivery to the world, holding more than 40 million U.S. dollars of new original inventory
China JAK ELECTRONICS [2018]     The upstream channel of JAK Electroncs is rich in original manufacturer and authorized agents, both downstream channels have spot resources.
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