Londonderry, NH — June 22, 2005 -- MicroMetrics, Inc. announced the acquisition of Knox Semiconductor of Rockport, ME. The acquisition adds new products and customers to the MicroMetrics portfolio. It also allows MicroMetrics to expand their capabilities in ion implanted tuning varactors. Other technologies will allow expansion into additional commercial and military accounts. "The acquisition of Knox Semiconductor is an exciting announcement for MicroMetrics and an important component to our growth strategy," said Jim Morgan, CEO of MicroMetrics. "In this business you must always be looking for ways to increase marketshare and expand product lines. The Knox acquisition will assist us on both these fronts."

The Knox facility in Rockport will be maintained as a technology center for MicroMetrics' expanding manufacturing and research and development efforts. The facility will continue to produce and manufacture the devices currently offered by Knox, and will provide MicroMetrics added engineering and technical support for new products.

"I feel a real excitement about the acquisition of Knox Semiconductor by Micrometrics. There is a considerable synergy between the two companies that will result in enhanced capabilities in engineering, processes, product expansion and sales," said Jack Williams, Jr., CEO of Knox Semiconductor. "The management team and all of the employees of Knox Semiconductor look forward to becoming an integral part of the proud tradition of product and service excellence that has characterized Micrometrics over the past twenty years."

The two companies are privately held. The terms of the sale were undisclosed.